Toys Must Be Purchased Keeping In Mind Your Child’s Age

When purchasing toys for your kid, consideration of age is of prime importance. You may also ask your pediatrician or family doctor to recommend suitable toys for your child that is perfect for your child’s age. It’s vital to know which toys your child likes by closely observing them while playing.

  • Point 1: Find out what your child likes and is interested in? Is it cars, music or fashion?
  • Point 2: Keeping your child’s development level in mind, select suitable toys accordingly. For instance, children who like to involve in physical games such as balls or hoops, will develop their gross or fine motor control skills. Toy musical instruments are liked by those children who are musically inclined.

Important Consideration: Safety of your kid must be your top priority. So first go through the safety instructions thoroughly prior to permitting your child to play with any toy.

Toys Must Be Purchased Keeping In Mind Your Child’s Age

Infant and Baby Toys (0 to 12 months): Certain toys are specially designed for infants and babies in order to kindle all of their senses by exposing them to various fragrances, surfaces, colours, sounds and moving visuals. While selecting toys for your baby make sure that it doesn’t have any pointed edges or tiny components or materials that contain choking hazards. The kids toys should facilitate easy handling and light in weight.

Toddler toys (1 to 3 years): Toys that are specially designed for preschoolers help one-to-three-year olds to engage in games of fantasy and lets them to imitate the world of the grown-ups. In order to make real the imaginative world of your child, these days many brands have come up in the market place such as Playskool, Little Tikes, Step 2, Theo Klein, Wallies Wall Art, Feber and more. These brands present a whole lot of toys for your child. Whether your child likes dress-ups, holding a tea party, play with cubby houses, trains and cars or doll houses, these top reputed brands have a wide range of these toys and many other toys to pick from. Dolls and stuffed toys are more liked by little growing up girls and they use them as their best friends and carry them wherever they go. When children enter their pre-school or kindergarten, they also become well occupied in memory and visualization games along with art work utilizing modeling clay, crayons, water colours and paints.

Pre-school toys (3 to 5 years): This is the age wherein educational and building toys start to take on a bigger role in your child’s life. When you go to purchase toys, you will see age range printed on the toy box for each toy.

Primary school toys (5 to 9 years): As children start to practice more interpersonal patterns of play, they cultivate more interest in board games and sports. Children who like physical games would love to ride bicycles, scooters and other sporting equipment. Among other games, electronic games can teach the children reading, writing, numbers and mathematics and much more.

Junior and pre-teen toys (9 to 12 years): This is the age wherein children begin to take active interests and hobbies, which could last a lifetime. They also start liking social interaction more along with playing video games, building games and thinking games. They start preferring more of team sports and so sporting equipment becomes their treasured belongings.