How Does Science Toys Help Kids To Understand The World Around Them?

Science shouldn’t be a strange object that kids will just take up in their school premises. It’s been generally observed that a lot of science toys and chemistry sets, especially match for a categorized world wherein art, chemistry, design and engineering are unconnected when in reality the world doesn’t function in that manner.

Instead of having separate chemistry laboratories and art laboratories and so forth, schools should ideally have one common lab wherein all types of creative and scientific experiments can be executed. This will facilitate children to link between – For instance, chemistry and pigments in the painting or the link between jewellery and engineering, etc. Science is particularly creative and science toys should facilitate children to achieve that. We can now see some of the science toys that facilitate children to discover the world they are in.

Discovery Kids – (30X & 15X) Telescope

Discovery Kids - Land & Sky 30xTelescope
Discovery Kids – Land & Sky 30xTelescope

A 30X Telescope facilitates young children to discover wildlife and the night sky as the view can be enlarged up to 30X, which is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. This telescope features a fun moon phase guide and table top tripod.

Also, the 15X magnification telescope is light in weight and simple to use and focus. It’s a completely handheld telescope that’s fun to operate.

Discovery Kids – (100X) Microscope

Discovery Kids - 100x Microscope
Discovery Kids – 100x Microscope

This microscope has 3 enlargements viz. 25X, 50X and 100X and also comes with an electric illuminator. It features 36 piece set that includes 3 prepared slides, 8 blank slides, 2 specimen vials, tweezers, pipette, spare bulb and instruction guide. It requires 2xAA batteries (not included in the set).

Discovery Kids – (4X) Binoculars

Discovery Kids - 4x30 Binoculars
Discovery Kids – 4×30 Binoculars

Children can have lots of fun with this 4X binoculars as it will facilitate them to spot the wildlife very close to them. It’s nice to have one such binocular while visiting the zoo so that children can enlarge and see animals lot bigger and closer to them. This type of experience is just thrilling for the young ones. It comes with 30mm objective lenses, comfortable eye-cups and break-away strap. Its compact size is perfect for smaller hands and for outdoor adventures!

Science Trends – Chemistry Lab

Science Trends - Chemistry Lab

This is a lab that every young scientist will admire. The chemistry lab kit comes with chemicals and equipment to conduct 100 safety tested experiments. It includes twenty chemicals, test tubes, tools, safety goggles, a spirit burner and a thorough instruction manual (which is written by Dr. David Webster who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry).

Certainly, it can be said that science toys enable kids to discover their creative talents and help them to learn about many new things in an exciting way. There are many more inspiring science toys and games for kids that facilitate them to explore the world around them.