How To Engage Kids In Play Activities?

School Holidays are upon us and the summer sun is slowly emerging. It’s time to get the kids out from under the blanket, away from the TV and get them outside in the fresh air for important activity and play. Children need to play as it an important part of their development, for strengthening social skills, and to develop motor skills and when playing is shared with the whole family, everyone benefits out of it.

Different kids have different playing styles, so below are some fantastic ideas for toys that will be played with, shared and used all summer long and long past Christmas Day.

Kids Playing Baseball

Active Kids

Any shared play keeps active, energy bursting kids engaged and occupied. Active games develop a competitive edge, motor skills such as improved hand eye co-ordination and fitness. Find out which sports your family can all partake in and purchase a toy to compliment it.

Simple toys often get the longest and most use. Soccer goal nets in the garden or a classic basketball ring can rekindle the fun you had as a child. You can even transform the garden into a mini putting course or invest in a pop up swimming pool to keep the kids entertained. It’s also a great place for parents to cool off after a hard day at work.

Curious Kids

Curious kids follow mum and dad around like a shadow as they want to do everything that their mum and dad do. When allowed to ‘do the same as mum and dad’ these kids get a real sense of empowerment and responsibility developing a sense of importance and a great way to play as ‘grown ups’ and open up an imaginary world.

Some great toys for curious kids can be mini versions of grown up life. A Little Hoover to help mum with the housework, a little gardening kit to help grand dad with the flower beds or a lawn mower to help out dad.

Nature is always an exciting and empowering discovery for children too so toys such as butterfly nets, insect kits or worm farms are a great way to engage younger children and open their eyes to discover what is in their very own backyard.

Creative Kids 

Creative kids tend to be a little more introvert and just as happy to play on their own as they would in a group. A simple blank canvas such as a sandpit can create hours and hours of superb play. A castle, a desert and a whole imaginary world for your child to play and create would be quite engaging. 

Water is also a great way to offer gentle, creative play keeping little minds occupied and cool on hot summer days. From simple water and sand pits to more complex play systems which have funnels, slides and fountains, your child will play for hours and will certainly have friends and siblings who want to join in with the fun!

This is the perfect time of the year to plan your Christmas purchases and you can even lay by these great toys now with Play Safe Kids. Paying down regular payments now will not only give your family plenty of fun and activity over Christmas but will soften the blow of expenditure which hits lots of Australian families over Christmas time.

Get your kids’ active, engaged, sharing and playing even with Mum and Dad! Play Safe kids have plenty of fun and play waiting for your child.