A Buying Guide For Selecting Ride-On Toys

Basically, children enjoy riding on toys as it provides them some sought of thrill and excitement of riding something through their own efforts, and hence the popularity of ride-on-toys have remained strong with children.

Ride-On Toy

What Does a Ride-On Toy mean?

Generally “ride-on-toy” refers to any type of device that is wheeled which permits children to drive themselves using their own strength or with the aid of a motor. It is a broad term which covers diverse vehicular toys. Kids love this type of ride-on-toy as they provide them with movement and it excites them to move around in it. 

A ride-on-toy will enhance child’s coordination and balancing skills as well as provide them with the adventure of self-locomotion. They come in diverse designs and sizes and are available for children of various age groups, intended for 19 months to 12 years and above. It’s vital to select the ride-on-toy that suits perfectly to the age and skill level of the child.

For smaller children, ride-on toy must be selected that is close to ground level and can be moved by foot movement. On the other hand, for older children, motor-driven vehicle will be a good choice.

There are different types or Ride-On Toys that are available in the market. They are explained as below:

Push Drive

Ride-on toy that is operated with a push is generally those that are moved by the feet of the child. In case of a very young child through the hands of the person who is pushing from the back – Normally grocery carts in the shape of cars or simple carts having four wheels and are covered from all sides fall into this category. A push driven ride-on comes in varied designs and styles to match a variety of tastes ranging from cars and trucks to the more attractive rabbits, tortoise and more.

Pedal Powered

Ideally pedal powered ride-on toys are good for children who are little older. Bicycles and tricycles fall into this category. These days, children favor those pedal powered ride-on that have the shape of a car, train, jeep etc.


Motor Powered

Children get excited when they see a ride-on-toy that is motor powered. Basically, children will feel that they have grown up when they drive these toys that resemble the ones that are owned by their parents. In order to stir a child’s imagination, these motor-driven toys are designed to resemble jeep, luxury cars, motorcycles, scooters and more. These motor-powered ride-on toys come in electric as well as battery powered variants. It is highly recommended that a motor driven ride-on must be monitored by an adult parent.

Indeed, ride-on toys are good toy devices that children will love to have fun with. Parents should take the age factor and skill level into consideration prior to buying a ride-on toy for their young one.